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A steamcleaner for clothes removes much faster wrinkles, musty odors and protects the fibers of the garment. A steamer is ideal for ironing clothes smooth again, to refresh and keep beautiful.

Steamer for business and personal use

Steamer for business and personal use

We sell various Garment Steamer, both for professional and home use. Each kledingstomer is very user-friendly. Very handy if you regularly have large piles of clothes ironing. The kledingstomer is not only faster, the result is better and your arms and shoulders are less charged than with an iron.

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Better than an iron

An iron damages clothes with every use; it presses the fibers flat while with steaming the fibers come back to the original position. A steamer works 3x faster than an iron. Quickly get a shirt wrinkle free is easy and without difficulty with the Garment Steamer Jiffy Steamer.


Reliable steamer from Jiffy

The Garment Steamer Jiffy Steamer been extensively tested, extremely reliable and are all of high quality. Whether you want to steam your shirts or blouses home quickly or want to use it seamlessly into your store, you can always count on the Garment Steamer.

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Service and information with your steamer

On both the professional and home use Garment Steamer you get 2 year full warranty. It is important that this steamer is cleaned occasionally to prevent calcification. How to do this is clearly stated in the Owner’s Manual. For more information about the service or questions about maintenance or operation, you can always contact us.

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